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Energy efficient, stylish and high performing sauna heaters from TylöHelo are made for superior sauna sessions and rejuvenating experiences. Innovative solutions and quality materials provide long-term durability.


Tylö heaters are masters of providing a range of climate zones and individual sauna experiences.


A Helo sauna heater elevates the daily sauna experience by adding beautiful design and ingenuity.
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TylöHelo Group

We are TylöHelo, a Nordic sauna company, specialising in creating traditional sauna, IR and wellness experiences for a modern lifestyle. With 170 years of accumulated knowledge, we continue creating top quality sauna products made to be a vital part of healthy living.

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BWT technology


One heater and several sauna experiences in a single sauna solution. Sometimes simplicity a good thing.

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Different people have different sauna preferences. Let us guide you to your perfect sauna or steam.

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Quality, energy efficiency and good looks. Perfect products for perfect sauna moments. 

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Reduce stress with aromatic oil in the sauna

Scents are more powerful than you might think. We all know that a simple whiff of a smell can trigger memories of places and people, and has the power to evoke strong emotions. But what you might not know is that smells have a significant and direct impact on our bodies through our nervous system.

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7 reasons to sauna more often

 1. A sauna session is like a workout for the heart and blood vessels. The heat makes the blood vessels expand and raises the heart rate, thus exercising the whole cardiac system. When we cool down the vessels contract again, and the whole procedure is beneficial for the blood pressure.

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Sauna, mindfulness and meditation

The solitude and serenity of the sauna promotes  introspection and relaxation, and saunas and sweat rooms have traditionally been used in meditative rituals all over the world. Create your own sweat ritual and take your sauna experience to the next level.

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