My name is Pekka Lettijeff and I am the CEO of TylöHelo Group. Before taking the reigns in December 2018, I operated as advisor to the board in a number of industrial companies all over Europe, one of which was TylöHelo Group, during their restructuring of the organization in 2017-2018. At this time, I was introduced to, and developed a passion for sauna and its restorative properties for both body and mind.


Prior to joining TylöHelo, my experience from using sauna was limited. Growing up in Sweden, the only exposure I had was a short moment in the sauna after swim practice. After two years at TylöHelo, I have had plenty of opportunity to try different saunas, including IR. We are all aware of the positive impact that sauna provides for our sense of wellbeing, and that is why we thrive from being able to provide all kinds of saunas to clients all over the world. 

My personal favourite is steambathing and IR. I find it extremely rewarding to spend time with family or friends in the sauna, having long discussions and exchanging thoughts and ideas while the sense of being totally relaxed kicks in.

It was a great honour for me to be asked to join the board at TylöHelo in order to take the company into a new era, and I never hesitated when accepting the challenge. I feel very confident, considering our broad product portfolio, a solid experience, dating back a century with a global market, ranging over 100 different countries. And last but not least a motivated and skilled team. With that said, I am very confident that TylöHelo will be a respected player, now and in the future, within the sauna and wellness fields.

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