10 advantages of a ready-made sauna

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Selected wood species

A real sauna requires real timber. At Tylö we only use genuine timber of the very highest quality.


Robust construction  

Our sauna rooms are built to cope with all types of bathing climate.


Effective insulation

Your sauna room comes with mineral wool in wall and ceiling sections and heat-resistant polyester seals for optimal insulation.


Perfect fit

Perfect fit every time makes assembling walls, ceiling and fittings simple and straightforward. Glazed wall sections make the sauna feel spacious inside and keep bathers in touch with what is going on outside.


Safe glass sections

Tempered safety glass in all glazed sections for added safety.


Optimal ventilation

Perfect ventilation with air supply and exhaust air vents placed in accordance with the Tylö principle. This makes use of the laws of physics to spread heat naturally and create different temperature zones in the sauna.


Comfortable seating

Broad, comfortable benches made of solid wood with a sturdy construction and velvet smooth surfaces. Contoured backrests enhance comfort in the sauna and help tired muscles to relax.

Design details

Elegant skirting panels cover the gaps between the benches. Subdued lighting with light fittings concealed behind backrests or lampshades create a soothing atmosphere.


Easy to install

Prepared for simple electrical installation conduits in the wall sections make electrical installation work quick and easy.


Great doors

Tylö has a wide range of door options, all built to cope with the huge differences in temperatures inside and outside the sauna without warping or becoming deformed.


5 year guarantee

Our 5-year material guarantee  is proof of the high quality of our saunas.