2018: 7 trends in wellness


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Happiness yoga, bugs for supper and “glass skin”... What on earth are we talking about? Oh, just some of the most prominent trends in health and beauty this year!The industry of wellness in an ever-changing one, and new trends tend to travel over the internet at the speed of light. For your inspiration, we have gathered a list of 7 of the top health and beauty trends in 2018! Which one would you be willing to give a go?

Skip gen-trips
Whereas family holidays and multigenerational holidays have been a trend for quite some time, this year grandparents will start bringing their grandchildren for exciting trips, leaving their parents at home. The generation that are now retiring are a generation where family and travel often are rated top priorities in life. And while parents often are bound by schedules and work, grandparents and grandchildren are more free to enjoy trips all-year around, taking advantage of low-season offers and lower prices in general.

Happiness and laughing retreats
What’s the point of wellness? It’s feeling good, right! Soon, the hospitality industry will start tapping into all the research available, to offer guests activities and experiences particularly created with the goal of increasing happiness. Things like laughter yoga, smile-asanas and inner-smile meditation retreats are predicted to be one of the next wellness trends.

'Now Age' - embracing spirituality
Now age is an evolution of the phenomenon New Age, that had its peak in the 70s. Today, hippie habits have gone high fashion, and things like healing crystals and incense are staples among the in-crowd of Hollywood. We are integrating a holistic worldview in our way of looking at health and wellbeing, and things like alternative healing therapies, reiki healing and a wide range of spiritual practices are becoming increasingly in demand. Wellness retreats are increasingly focusing on mind, body and spirit, which actually seems like a logical next step now that yoga has become a mainstream form of exercise.     

Healthy ageing
We keep living longer, and we all want to stay healthy and energetic as long as we possibly can. So called “Healthy-aging holidays” are rapidly gaining in popularity, where rejuvenating treatments, exercise and food are part of the package. Other features of these trips can include things like collagen treatments, menopause relief and all kinds of semi-invasive beauty treatments.

Mindful Movement
Mindfulness has been a buzzword in the wellness industry for many years, but now focus is shifting towards mindfulness in movement. Meaningful and mindful exercise routines like yoga and tai chi, inspired by holistic Oriental practices and philosophies, are growing increasingly popular. In the industry of hospitality, we predict an increase in retreats and wellness programs offering both rest and activity with a focus on mindfulness and attention to the present moment. Namaste!

You can read more about mindfulness and sauna here, and more about sauna and happiness here.

Would it bug you… to eat bugs?
This one is a difficult one for many westerners, while people in Asia, South America and Africa are well used to the idea. What are we talking about? Eating insects, of course! If you find the very thought of a crunchy cricket hard to digest, you might want to opt for the new health fad: cricket flour. Apparently it is a great environmentally friendly protein source that contains good fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Mix it in your smoothie, maybe?

Korean skin care
If you are at all interested in beauty trends, this you won’t have missed this one. K Beauty is huge and all of a supped the shelves of departments stores are flooded with fun and fairytale-like beauty products, from creams, cushion compacts and sheet masks to snail slime, and the very latest big thing, “glass skin.” When it comes to skin care, all eyes are on Korea, who seem to have passed traditional beauty countries like Italy and France at high-speed. Stay tuned for this one, as we will be writing more about K beauty in the context of sauna within shortly!