5 reasons to install an infrared sauna at home

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Did you know that an infra-red sauna at home can lower the risk of heart diseases, speed up weight-loss and help you dodge the flu and common colds? 
We have listed 5 health benefits of regular and frequent sauna baths!

Stress less and relax more

Finding stress relief and ways to relax is fundamental to our health. Infrared sauna promotes relaxation and balances the body’s levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and excessive amounts of it can result in many different health issues such as a weaker immune system, weight problems and insomnia. The heat also raises the amount of serotonin, the ”feel good-hormone”, in our blood. You can read more about the connection between heat and serotonin here.


Find relief for chronic pain

Infrared sauna can have beneficial effects several kinds of chronic pain like arthritis, back problems, sore muscles or joints and fybromyalgia. Some research has even shown that regular use of infrared saunas can reduce pain to the extent where it no longer interferes with the quality of life or requires medication.


Prevent the flu and common colds

Infrared sauna boosts blood circulation and helps stimulating the production of white blood cells, aiding the immune system in its response to virus and bacteria. Regular sauna bathing dramatically lowers the risk of catching common colds, even those caused by viruses. Since today there is no medication that works for those colds, only for the symptoms, preventing them through regular sauna bathing is a good strategy. You can read more about sauna baths and the immune system here.


Supporting heart health

The high temperatures in the sauna increase the heart rate, thereby giving the heart a healthy ”workout". Infrared saunas can also lower blood pressure, something that provides a similar effect. A Finnish study recently showed that the participants who frequently spent time in the sauna had a significantly lowered risk of suffering or dying from cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. You can read more about the connection  between sauna and cardiovascular health here.


Speed up your weight loss

New research shows that it is actually possible to burn the same amount of calories by spending time in a hot bath, as you do running. The same should go for the sauna, considering that the explaining factor in these results is the raising of the body temperature. Dr Steve Faulkner at Longborough University is the man behind this discovery. In his study, participants were told to take a one-hour bath and to ride a bike for an hour. The comparison showed that both activities lowered the levels of blood sugar and burned calories at the same level. Even though passive heating never can replace physical activity, these results indicate that heat can be used as a complement to exercise in a healthy lifestyle. Read more about the study here