7 reasons to sauna more often


1 minutes

1. A sauna session is like a workout for the heart and blood vessels. The heat makes the blood vessels expand and raises the heart rate, thus exercising the whole cardiac system. When we cool down the vessels contract again, and the whole procedure is beneficial for the blood pressure.

2. Studies show that sauna bathing lowers the risk of developing heart or cardiac diseases.  

3. The heat wakes up our hormonal system, alerting our stress hormones in a way that is believed to benefit our immune system and reduce inflammatory processes.

4. Endorphins are released in our bodies. This is a sort of “feel good”-substance that calms us and helps us sleep better.

5. Sweating is a superb way to cleanse the pores. Sauna bathing works as a sort of detox.

6. Blood circulation improves dramatically from the heat, leaving our skin rejuvenated and with amazing glow. Skip the expensive miracle creams and enjoy the sauna instead! 

7. The heat relaxes tense muscles and help our bodies recover after exercise and injuries.