Add luxury to your shower – with steam

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Upgrading your regular shower to a steam shower doesn’t have to be complicated. And it doesn’t matter if your bathroom is on the smaller side –  you can enjoy the health benefits and pleasure of steam even if space is limited.


A gentle kind of heat

Steam bathing is a pleasure enjoyed in gentle heat. Humidity is 100%, but temperatures don’t rise above 40–45°C. The soothing steam performs miracles for your health and wellbeing, inviting you to linger a little longer, to let go of stress and relax on a deep level.

TylöHelo provides several smart solutions both for converting your existing shower to a steam shower, and for creating full, immersive steam bath experiences.

We have written more about the health benefits of steam here.

Impression steam shower i110c

This model only requires 1.3 square metres of floor space, and contains both a relaxing steam bath and a conventional shower. Compact enough to fit into a corner in any standard bathroom, our smallest steam shower makes the luxury of steam available to everyone. Click here to view product

Impression steam shower i130

With the TyloHelo steam shower impression i130 you get a unique bathing experience with steam bath and shower. This is a flexible solution with Scandinavian design, that can easily be adapted to any house design. Still being compact in size, this steam shower i130 fits into small and medium-sized bathrooms. Click here to view product

Steam shower Impression i170

In this larger steam shower, there’s room for two. Relaxing in the warm soothing steam together with someone dear to you is a great experience. The TyloHelo steam shower i170 is a flexible solution that can easily be adapted to your bathroom. Click here to view product

Steam Column TX

With the freestanding TX-range of steam showers, you can convert your existing shower niche into a compact steam room. The specially adapted options allow for a fully functional and luxurious steam solution, even if your bathroom happens to be really small. Click here to view product

Panacea 1309 steam shower

If you have 1.3 square metres of floor space to spare, TyloHelo has created this unique corner solution containing both a relaxing steam bath and a conventional shower. It’s really a revolution in home spa design, and compact enough to fit in the corner of any standard bathroom. Click here to view product

Panacea 1709 steam shower

According to Greek mythology, Panacea is the goddess of medicine. Panacea is also the name of this elegantly shaped, innovative steam bath. Both the door and the large glass surfaces are grey-tinted, and they integrate seamlessly into the glossy design, made in the extremely durable and easy-to-maintain Corian® material. Click here to view product