Detox School: part 1


2 minutes

Time to detox with a juice fast? This is the first part of our detox school! To succeed with a detox, preparations are key. Ideally is to clear the kitchen cupboards from sweets before the fasting - this will make it easier to stick to your plan.



First, decide how long you want to continue your juice cleansing. One to three days may be enough the first time, next time you may be able to go for a whole week. Another option is to fast and drink only green juices until lunch each day.

Choose a period in life when you have plenty of time and are not stressed. It's good to be able to rest for a while in the middle of the day. Make sure that you are healthy and in decent shape when you begin a detox.

Plan ahead! Which juices are you going to make, and when are you going to drink them? Make sure you have all the ingredients at home and try to choose organic vegetables. Stock up on some flax seeds or chia seeds - this will keep your stomach in order during the detox.

It is not strange or unusual to feel dizzy, tired, cold and hungry during a detox. As long as you feel you have energy, it’s fine to continue anyway, provided that you are in good health.

Between the juices, you can drink water and warm herbal tea. Try to start living healthier a week before your juice fast, that will make the transition smoother.

Good luck!