Part 1: Spas & saunas around the world


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Photocred: Sauna Devarana Photocred: Sauna Devarana 

Are you longing for a vacation, but hesitant to being away from your home sauna? We’ve got you covered! Here is a guide to a whole bunch of fun and completely unique saunas, for you to experience on your next holiday.

The Tram Sauna

Do you find public transportation stressful? Italian designers wanted to prove it can be quite the opposite, when they created the world’s first Tram Sauna. This sauna is built inside an actual tram cart, located in the middle of a spa complex where all guests are invited for the relaxing ride.

The World’s Largest Public Sauna

The world’s largest sauna is located on a remote beach in the Arctic Circle. The giant sauna fits more than a hundred people, so if your the social kind of sauna bather, this one’s definitely for you. We’ve written more about this impressive sauna, that actually features sauna heaters from our very own brand Kastor, here.

The Fast Food Sauna

Love sauna? Love burgers? Well, who doesn’t, right! At least that was what Burger King figured, when they opened their first ever fast food sauna in Helsinki in 2015. The burger sauna needs to be booked in advance, and fits up to 15 people. Here is a video of what a visit to this unique Burgers joint might be like.

The Salt Sauna

This uniques sauna in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, has walls made up entirely of Himalayan salt. Salty saunas have a lot of health benefits and can help give relief from many respiratory ailments. The salt gives a wonderful scent and even taste to the steam, and has been used for medical purposes since ancient times. You can read more about using salt in your home sauna here.

The Ice Sauna

It might sound hard to believe, but this ice sauna in northern Sweden is almost as steamy and hot as any regular sauna. Ice is a powerful insulator, and this sauna is built almost from large chunks of ice. The moist heat of the ice sauna is said to be a very unique experience, and the beautiful location on a lake allows you to cool off with a dip in the water through a hole cut in the ice.

The Hockey Sauna

You know how cold you can get during an ice hockey game? The Finns have come up with the perfect solution: a Hockey Sauna! Imagine being able to watch your favourite team score, wrapped in nothing but a towel and with a cold beer at hand. I Finland (where else), it’s now possible.