German aufguss: When tradition turns trendy

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Aufguss is the sauna ritual from Germany, that is now gaining ground all over the world. While traditional sauna is mainly focused on the heat and body, aufguss is about all of the senses, being both a visual and a scented experience as well. Aufguss is an equally relaxing and entertaining show - in the sauna.

A sauna for all senses

In Germany, the aufguss is a SPA-related form of sauna, where things like essential oils, music, lighting and performance all play an important part. The session is led by a sauna host, who turns the process of creating steam through splashing water on the stove, into a mesmerizing sauna show. As the oils and water hit the heater and evaporate, the sauna room is filled with scented heat. Then the sauna host uses towels to spread the steam in the room, through almost dance-like movements. A session usually lasts around 15 minutes, and can also contain treatments such as honey or salt therapies.


World Championship in Aufguss

For the hardcore aufguss enthusiasts, competitions are arranged, and there is even a yearly World Championship in Aufguss. In the championship the best aufguss masters in the world compete  with carefully orchestrated sauna shows including special music compilations and there own unique lighting. Like DJs of the sauna world, they explore the realms of audio, light and scents to create the ultimate sauna experience.


Create your own aufguss experience - at home

Would you like to recreate the soothing aufguss vibe in your own sauna? A great way to start is by adding scented essential oils to the steam in your sauna. Here you can browse a selection of our scented aroma oils, and here you can read more about aromatherapy and stress reduction.