How do you like your sauna?


3 minutes


Hot and dry? Cool and wet? There are as many ways to enjoy a sauna as there are sauna lovers. What sauna style do you prefer?

Traditional sauna
Scandinavian sauna, according to tradition, comes in two varieties. The most classic version is where the temperature is somewhere around 75-90° C, and with a humidity of around 5-15%. Every now and then, a scoop of water is poured on the stove, spreading a comfortable and steamy heat in the sauna room.  

Dry sauna
A more extreme version of the traditional Scandinavian sauna is characterized by a very high temperature (ca 95–110° C) and almost no humidity. This is the way to go if you enjoy really intense heat and sweating.

Steam sauna
Steam sauna is a milder version of sauna and stays at a temperature of around 45–65° C. This temperature in combination with a very high humidity of around 40-65%, provides for a mild and soft sauna experience suitable for adults as well as children. To enhance the experience, you can also add natural herbs or aromatic oils to the steam.


Steam bath
Steam baths are not to be confused with steam sauna, as they make up a whole other bathing form of their own. Whereas a steam sauna can be enjoyed in a regular sauna space, a steam bath is enjoyed in an altogether closed space made from glass, plastic or tiles. In a steam bath, the humidity is extreme, verging on 100%, and the temperature is relatively low. Steam baths are a very soothing experience, and at home it often makes sense to combine the steam bath with the shower space.


Infra sauna
The infra sauna is a type of sauna that uses infra red heat, and it’s not really related to other types of sauna. The heat comes from infra panels of the same kind that is often used in the beauty industry, in order to increase the efficiency of different skincare treatments. It is also frequently used for medical purposes and can sooth and reduce symptoms of rheumatic pain and aching muscles.  


Multi sauna
Installing infra panels from Tylo in combination with a Tylö heater is a great way of optimising your sauna space. The infra panels provide rapid heating and medical health benefits, and the heater will give you that traditional sauna experience.