Infra sauna keeps you warm in winter

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Are you feeling cold and stiff during the colder months? Infra sauna will keep you warm!

Infra sauna is a special kind of sauna, using direct radiation heat that provides a deep warming of the muscle tissue. The infra sauna is actually not very similar to regular sauna. The heat comes from the infra red radiation that is generated in the heating panels, and that is of the same kind frequently used in the beauty industry to enhance the effect of various treatments. Infra red radiation is also often used as a part of medical treatments, where it is perceived to have a soothing effect and reducing symptoms of rheumatism, muscle pains and sore joints.

These are a few of the conditions where infra sauna has been known to prove ease and a reduction in symptoms:                                         

Stiff or sore muscles

Muscle cramps

Stiffness and pain in shoulders and neck

Whiplash injury

Cold hands and feet