Juice detox and sauna - a winning combination

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Posted on 2015-05-04

Detoxing with the juice regimes is a growing trend. Filippa Salomonsson runs the company Raw Clarity Cleanse, which sells complete, organic juice packages to those who wants to cleanse their body and kick-start a new and healthier life. Filippa is also the health editor at Sofi’s Fashion and author of the blog Raw Clarity for the Swedish lifestyle magazine Aftonbladet Wellness.


What made you interested in food and health?
For a long time I had an unhealthy attitude to food. It all began when I was a teenager. I didn’t love myself enough and I began eating less in order to lose weight. This led to many years of emotional and restrictive eating. Finally, I no longer had the strength to live like that and I chose to take control of my situation instead. At that time raw food had started to gain ground. It became a way of eating that helped me find clarity. That is why my blog and my health platform are called Raw Clarity.

What exactly is a juice cleanse and why is it good for the body?
The main benefit is the incredible nutritional boost that it gives the body. In everyday life it can be difficult to consume the amount of vegetables our body really needs. Our juices contain a large amount of vegetables and only a small amount of fruit. A juice regime helps the body eliminate toxins; to detox. Always remember to use organic juices. During our detox program you drink a combination of juices and nut milk. Each juice package is marked with a number on the cover so that you know in which order to consume them. We recommend that you drink one juice every three hours, but most important is that you listen to your body.

What are the benefits of combining a detox with sauna bathing?
It’s good to sweat a lot during a detox, it helps the body to cleanse. The skin is our largest organ and we sometimes forget that it helps eliminate what the body does not need. Infrared Sauna gives an even deeper cleansing.

What is your view on relaxation and recovery?
Relaxation is very important. I believe that happiness and balance is what we all seek, but you have to work for it. I have studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutriton and I see health from a broader perspective - when I coach, I include not only food and exercise but also relationships, mindset and career. All parts are equally important.

So, how do we achieve that tricky balance that we all long for - what is your best advice? 
We need to slow down, to take breaks more often in order to become aware of our priorities and how we use our time. We need to dare asking ourselves how we are feeling and what we feel more often. I recommend my clients to write the question "What do I want now?" on a piece of paper, to see what answers that come up. "Slow down and listen." I often say that the heart is our internal GPS System. We need to listen to it for guidance. 

What do you do yourself to relax and recharge your batteries??
I have various methods for relaxing; meditation, yoga and taking long walks listening to audio books. My favorite right now is ‘Embracing change’ by Louise L. Hay.