Makkara - the Finnish sauna sausage


1 minutes

Did it ever cross your mind, that the sauna heat can be used for cooking?



Sitting in a heated room makes you sweat, so it's important to stay hydrated while you sauna. Whether you opt for water, or do as the Finns usually do and choose beer or cider to quench your thirst, is up to you. But not only will a long sauna session, make you thirsty, it will make you hungry as well! This is common knowledge in Finland, where people love cooking in the sauna.

So next time you plan your sauna session - do it the Finnish way and bring some sausages. In Finland, sauna sausage is called Makkara. And after hours in the heat and the cold water - nothing tastes better, than a beer and a sizzling hot Makkara!