Ready-made, tailor-made or DIY?


2 minutes

There are just as many different sauna dreams as there are sauna lovers. Whether you like everything served on a plate or prefer to be the handyman yourself - Tylö has a wide range of alternatives for you to choose from.


Would you like your sauna conveniently delivered in modules, easily assembled and ready to be plugged in in less then a day? Or do you prefer to plan and build it yourself from scratch? Or, perhaps you want a tailor-made solution that is just right for your particular home and circumstances? No matter which of the above, Tylö can offer what you need. Thomas Hjälmeby, head of sales at Tylö, stresses the wide variety of options.

 – If you are looking to upgrade your current bathroom by installing a sauna, I would first recommend one of our prefabricated sauna rooms. We pay gret attention to detail and test every part of every product to make sure it is all top quality.

The ready-made sauna rooms come in modules, allowing you to easily get your new sauna ready in less than a day. You can choose to get help building it or you can do it yourself - all you really need is to get a certified electrician to plug in the heater and the lighting.

– If you are more into DIY, you can choose to order everyting in separate parts and assemble your sauna just the way you see fit, combining any material you like with the heater of your choice, Thomas says.

If you can’t find a ready made sauna room that fits your needs you can simply get one tailor-made to match your unique conditions. Then you get everything exactly the way you want it, but still conveniently delivered in modules that are easy to assemble.