Sauna hats - the new black

Health | Product

1 minutes

When it comes to clothing, less is usually more when it comes to sauna bathing. But there is one exception - the rapidly trending woolen sauna hat.


 This somewhat peculiar fashion accessory comes from the traditional Russian sauna practice, the Banya, and is now gaining popularity in sauna communities all over the world. In fact, the difference between a sauna with or without a sauna hat is immense, and once you try it, you might never want to go without it again. Why? Well, because the head tends to heat up much faster than the rest of the body, especially if you are sitting upright in the heat.

This makes it difficult to raise your core temperature significantly without feeling overheated. But counter to what you might think, the woolen hat does not make your head warmer - it actually  keeps you cooler. The wool felt is a great insulator and by protecting your head against the heat it allows you to spend longer stretches of time in the sauna without discomfort.