Salty-sweet home SPA with honey and sea-salt


2 minutes

If you have a sauna at home, you don’t need any expensive skincare products. Instead, botanise in your kitchen and make your own salt-scrub. Quick, easy and heavenly honey-scented. 


Vacation time is over and we’re back to office hours. But as the golden tan of summer quickly fades, don’t despair. Instead, spend some time in the sauna - a quick and easy way to give new life to tired skin, gloomy and grey after too much time in front of  computer screens. Half an hour in the humid heat will boost your blood circulation, open up your pores and when the sweat starts to drip, the skin is given a free deep-cleanse. No need for expensive creams and treatments - sauna bathing has an unbeatable effect on the vitality of the skin.

If you want to take the experience one step further and maximise the cleansing effect, you don’t need to go any further than to your own kitchen cupboard. Combine sea-salt and honey for a tasty DIY-peeling that is perfect to combine with sauna bathing. Either you wait until the sweat has started to show, and then you scrub your whole body with sea salt.

This will increase sweating and at the same time have an exfoliating effect. Wash away the salt in the shower, return to the sauna and then finish the treatment by using honey as skin lotion. Or, you can choose to mix salt and honey into a peeling-crème, which can either be used in the sauna or in the shower afterwards. Whichever way you prefer, the result will be soft and rosy skin with a heavenly scent for the rest of the day.