Sauna bathing popular already during the Bronze Age


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Sauna bathing is not a new thing. Archaeologists in Orkney have recently made spectacular findings, one of which is a sauna dating as far back as 4000 years before Christ. 

At extensive excavations on the island of Westray in Orkney, archaeologists have made a series of fascinating discoveries. Over 30 buildings have been unearthed and dated as far back as 4000 years before Christ. A steam house is one of the more unusual findings, and it is believed to have been used in ritual contexts and for spiritual ceremonies. The researchers also believe that the sauna has been used for cleansing and healing purposes, and as a place for women to give birth to children.

Rod McCullagh is head of the archeological strategy in Historic Scotland. . 

- This is a fantastically well-preserved historical relic loaded with a multitude of exciting clues. It is a large building with a complex network of cells and with a large water tank centrally located. We believe that the tank was used to create a steam sauna effect, he says to the Heritage Daily.

Studies of old Irish literature have given scientists valuable information about how ancient sauna habits were like. Large stones were heated over an open fire, then placed in a large water tank to get the water to boil. Does it sound like a complicated way to take sauna baths? In that case, maybe TYLÖ’S steam saunas and steam showers would suit you better.. 


Förkylning och bastu