Sauna brings the family together


2 minutes


In this era of smartphones, social media, television and computer games, we all tend to spend more and more time in front of screens, and less and less time talking to each other. But there is hope! There is no better place than the sauna, to catch up with family members, and to reconnect after a busy week.

In a family, it can sometimes it can be hard to find activities that suit all ages. After a long day of work or school, it often feels easier to hang out in front of the tv, than actually doing something together, or even talking to each other. But if you make it a regular ritual to put dedicated family time on the weekly schedule, you will be greatly rewarded with stronger bonds and better health. You will probably find that in the calming company of loved ones, we actually tend relax, unwind and replenish much more effectively than on our own in front of individual screens.

The sauna is the perfect place for gathering in a casual and relaxed way, and the problem of too much technology is naturally solved, since you simply cannot bring an Ipad into the damp heat of the sauna. Many people find that the conversations taking place in saunas, often differ quite a lot from the more rushed dialogues that we have all the time in our everyday lives. In the sauna we sit back, we close our eyes, and we finally find the time and focus to verbalise our deeper thoughts. This makes it a great place for family bonding, and chances are you might be surprised to hear what your reserved teenager has to say when you sit down without distractions like this.