Sauna cleanses and strengthens the body


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Hans Hägglund is not only a Phd at the Academic Clinic in Uppsala, he is also the medical advisor to the Swedish Sauna Academy. He speaks with great enthusiasm about the health benefits of regular sauna bathing. In an interview with the magazine Femina, he explains how the heat affects our bodies.


– What happens is simular in some ways to what happens when we have a fever. Our body temperature is raised with up to one degree, which has several positive implications for our bodies, he says in the interview.

He goes on to explain that our thinner blood vessels expand from the heat, and that we start sweating to regulate our body temperature. This generates a sort of detox effect, helping the body to rid itself of toxins and metals. As the blood vessels widen, our hearts are also forced to beat faster to be able to pump more blood

–This is like exercise for both the blood vessels and for the heart, strengthening the heart while at the same time lowering our blood pressure, says Hans Hägglund.

In a Finninsh study of which we have written earlier here on it has been shown that middle aged men who use a sauna regularly dramatically reduce their risk of dying from heart diseases.

– Even though there were no women in that particular study, there is no reason to believe that these results would not be valid for women as well, Hans Hägglund says to Femina.