Sauna gives you better skin


2 minutes

Regular steam sauna sessions can perform miracles on your skin, cleansing the pores and improving the circulation















Francesca Fusco is a dermatologist in New York, well known for her non-invasive methods of skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. In an interview in Allure she gives her advice on how to optimize your skin routine with steam.

Actually, spending time in the sauna is a lot like having a facial, bur for the whole body. Fifteen minutes in the steam room opens pores, increases sweating, stimulates circulation, and eliminates toxins, Fusco says.

Taking regular sauna baths, and especially steamy ones, can have an truly transformative effect on the skins appearance. The elevated heat and the increased sweating and circulation stimulates the reproduction of collagen and deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

– Before entering the sauna, I recommend a shower with a gentle exfoliating scrub, Fusco says. Stay in the steam for around 15 minutes, and then shower and exfoliate again.

It is crucial to rehydrate, both from the inside and externally. Fusco reminds us to drink plenty of water and to moisturize the skin after each sauna session.

– I recommend applying moisturizer when your skin is still damp, and on top of that you can add an oil like jojoba for maximum effect, she says.

If you are looking to improve your skin, consistency is key. One session in the steam sauna doesn’t have a lot of impact, but if you turn regular steam sauna baths into a habit you will soon see a difference in you complexion.