Sauna in Svalbard - as far north as you can get


3 minutes


Set high in the Arctic Ocean, the remote Svalbard archipelago extends between 74 and 81° north. This is the northernmost part of Europe, and it’s the farthest north you can travel by scheduled flight.

The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is one of the most extreme corners of the planet.

The main accommodation provider here is Basecamp Spitsbergen, offering a total of four lodges dotted around the main island. Its latest addition is Nordenskiold, an electricity-free former hunting cabin, standing right beside a large glacier. Accessible only by boat, dog sled or snowmobile, it has five rustic rooms, a warming sauna and breathtaking views of the Arctic scenery.

Spitsbergen offers Arctic experiences on the very edge of the inhabitable world, but the destination is not quite as inaccessible as you might think. If you start your trip in the morning from central Europe, you will be in Longyearbyen by mid-day, and you will have reached one of the remote stations by the evening. You are now at the border of civilisation, and outside the small village, the vast untouched wilderness awaits you. 

This part of the planet is home to one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth, and the expeditions departing from Spitsbergen are planned accordingly, with a strong focus on ecology and on leaving a minimal footprint.

The activity and the excursions are adapted to the seasons, and as the days grow longer when spring comes, so do the length of the trips. When April arrives, you get to experience the miracle of the midnight sun. This is a magnificent time to visit, and to enjoy the warming rays alongside the many seal families who lay basking in the sun on the thick blocks of fjord ice. Whether you choose to explore the area  by snowmobile, dog sled or on skis, you are in for a truly memorable experience. And once you’re back in the camp - an hour or so in the sauna is a given.


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