Sauna in the morning for better performance


2 minutes

Do you shower in the morning or in the evening? A recent study from Japan suggests that if you choose to spend time in the sauna or shower in the morning it makes a big difference during the whole day.

Do you struggle to get out of ed in the morning? Does it take you quite a while before you feel fully awake? Researchers have come to the conclusion that the right morning routine can help you stay more efficient and alert during the whole day. A team of researchers at the Chiba University in Kashiwa in Japan has performed a study in order to evaluate the physiological effects of steam and sauna baths in the morning. It turned out that those who took their bath in the morning had a lower resting pulse and were better at problemsolving during the whole workday that folloed, compared to those who took their bath in the evening.



– I our work we have compared the effects of three different alternatives; shower, sauna and neither. We wanted to measure the different effects of different habits on peoples efficiency and on their bodies, the researchers explain on the medical research site PubMed.

Ten people took part in this study and they were monitored for three days. Their pulse, body temperature, brain activity and cognitive skills were measured and compared. It was clear that those who took a sauna bath or showered in the morning stayed more relaxed, more efficient and performed better on cognitive tests during the whole day that followed.

– We conclude that sauna baths are not only good for the heart, but that sauna bathing in the morning also has a positive effect on performance during the day, the team says in their report.