Sauna may reduce risk of Alzheimers


2 minutes

That sauna bathing strengthens the heart has been shown in research. But it also seems that sauna bathing can help reduce the risk of other age-related diseases, as the heat affects the basic functions of the cells.   


Research has shown a clear connection between regular sauna bathing and an increased life span. That sauna bathing strengthens the heart and helps prevent heart and vascular diseases is something we have previously written about here. But there may also be other health advantages of sauna bathing. Dr. Rhonda Patrick who runs the popular site has written several reports about the positive impact heat and saunas seem to have on our health.

She writes that when the cells in the body are regularly exposed to high temperatures, a protein is activated which in studies on worms and flies has shown to play a very important role in the ageing process. Considerably increased temperatures activate a specific gene; FOX03, which is strongly connected to life span and which protects the cells against ageing, according to Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

She holds that sauna bathing for this reason can have a very favourable effect on the regenerating processes of the cell. According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, this means that sauna bathing could have a preventative effect when it comes to age-related diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Huntingtons disease; diseases that are connected with protein accumulation and lack of regeneration of the cells. For the most favourable effect, regular sauna bathing for a minimum of 20 minutes per session is recommended.