Our guests swim in the sea all year round


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Varberg Spa Resort officially opened a new Thalasso spa in April. A traditional spa concept where the sea plays the leading role. 

Varberg Spa Resort is beautifully situated right on the beach. The sea and nature has set the tone for this resort's new Thalasso spa. The close proximity to the sea affects every aspect of this venue, from the small open-air swimming-bath's location at the waterfront to the menu served in the restaurant.

- In our open-air swimming-bath guests use the sauna all year round. Sea water is pumped into one of our pools and in our spa we use Kerstin Florian products to further enhance the marine theme, says Christina Hägerhäll, spa manager.

At Varberg spa resort, guests can enjoy the sea, whatever the weather. Indoors there is theThalasso pool, a 32 Celsius degrees heated seawater pool, various kinds of experience showers and several new sauna rooms. Steam baths, seaweed treatments and marine themed skin care enhance the experience.

- We use seaweed, algae, salt and aromas in our sauna treatments. Sitting in the sauna heat in the open-air swimming-bath when the winter storms are howling outside is an unforgettable experience, says Christina Hägerhäll.


Panacea and Tylarium
In their classic sauna Varberg Kurort have installed the Tylö Panacea-model. By using Tylarium, a somewhat cooler has also been created for relaxation between the various treatments. This sauna is a variation of the Tylö Soft Sauna.




Thalasso - an ancient therapy
The word thalasso comes from the Greek word ”Thalassa" which means sea. Thalassotherapy is a traditional form of therapy based on the sea's beneficial and healthy qualities. Sea water, seaweed, sea salt and coastal climate are essential components of this classical form of treatment.