Spectacular saunas Part 3: The Surf Sauna


1 minutes

A group of hardcore New Hampshire surfers, tired of freezing on the beach, built this barrel sauna out of western red cedar and stainless steel to relax in  after riding the Northeast’s frosty winter waves.

This amazing construction can be towed by car, and brought to wherever the surf is best. The Surf Sauna is available for rent by the day, so sports enthusiasts of all sorts can rent it and tow it to the winter destination of their choice.

The story of the surf sauna is intertwined with the formation of Port City Makerspace in Portsmouth New Hampshire, where a group of surfers and craftsmen spent many years discussing the idea before the first Surf Sauna saw the day of light.

 “As surfers who cut our teeth in cold New England waters the appeal of the surf sauna is obvious. All it took was a Makerspace and a dream-team of master craftsmen and the project morphed into reality.”

The team also manufactures custom made Surf Saunas, so if you want one - you can have it!