The warmest of Christmas Greetings


2 minutes


Holiday season is soon upon us, and it’s time to send our greeting to loved ones near and far. And what could be better, then sending them a truly warming call to spend some relaxing time in the sauna.

December can be a stressful time of year, when the to do-lists tend to just go on and on. Grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, last minute work assignments… sometimes it just seems to never end. But that’s not what December should be about! At least not if it was up to us at TylöHelo. We think December should hold some time for peace and quiet, contemplating the year that has passed and making plans for the new one. It should be about spending time with those you love, and giving them your undivided attention. After all, that’s what Christmas is about. Sharing warm and loving moments. Making memories.

That’s why we launched our Christmas Sauna Campaign - to make it super easy for you to send a warming sauna greeting to your friends and family! A reminder to take some time away from the Christmas preparations, and just sit back in the sauna and relax. Together, or alone. At home, or at the local gym. As long at it’s sauna, it will do the trick!