Time to change your old Jacuzzi for a sauna?


3 minutes

Is your old triangular Jacuzzi beginning to seem hopelessly outdated? Step into the new millennium and replace the bubbles with a sauna. 

In the 90's it was popular to install large Jacuzzis at home in the bathroom, but today many are growing tired of these bulky, noisy baths that require regular maintenance and shifting of water in order not to start smelling badly.

– A growing number of people are today looking for new alternatives. Replacing the Jacuzzi with a steam sauna is a popular solution, says Krister Persson, Executive Director of Tylö.

Installing a sauna room from Tylö Impression Series is a simple and easy way to give your bathroom a makeover. With a ready-to-use sauna module you can quickly and easily transform a standard bathroom into a beautiful and relaxing spa.

– A private sauna in the bathroom provides a great added value. It is the perfect place to chill out after a hectic day at work or a session in the gym, says Krister Persson. Simplicity and flexibility are important features of Tylös Impression Series. Sauna rooms are available in different designs and there are cabins that fit even in small bathrooms. They are quickly heated, convenient to clean and easy to just plug in. 

– We want everyone to be able to enjoy the beneficial properties of sauna bathing. Installing a ready-to-use sauna room is a quick and easy way to increase both your quality of life and the value of your home, says Krister Persson.

A strong focus on design signifies all the different Tylö models, and all sauna cabins are manufactured in genuine and exclusive materials with a sleek nordic and elegant vibe.

– A beautiful sauna adds a completely new dimension to a bathroom, says Krister Persson.

”Installing a ready-to-use sauna room is a quick and easy way to increase both your quality of life and the value of your home”






Buying a prefabricated sauna module is the easiest and fastest way to realize your sauna dreams. Tylö has created a sauna that, on an area of less than 1.3 square meters, can accommodate both a traditional sauna and a milder steam sauna. A combination of practical functionality and appealing design that should satisfy even the hardest to please bon vivant.