Time to install some extra quality of life in your bathroom?


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Human beings have five senses. In Panacea, our newest and most groundbreaking steam bath, all five are stimulated.  



Named after the greek goddess with healing powers, Panacea is like no other steam product on the market. By combining cutting edge technology with ancient holistic wisdom, we have created a new and completely unique experience for you to enjoy; a steam bath stimulating every sense in your body. With adjustable temperatures, humidity levels and essential oils, Panacea mimics ancient holistic treatments that draw inspiration from the Roman caldariums and sensuous Balinese steam baths. Or if you prefer, you can choose to use your Panacea as a rejuvenating tepidarium after a traditional arabian rasul treatment.

The design is sleek and elegant in every detail, but the Panacea is surprisingly easy to install. It comes delivered in prefabricated modules that are quickly assembled and installed. No fuzz - just plug it in, turn it on and enjoy.