TylöHelo at ISH 2019


2 minutes

At TylöHelo, we’re proud to be a part of ISH2019 – is the world’s leading trade fair for bathroom design and HVAC. With a strong focus on responsible management of water and energy, the fair sets global trends for modern bathroom and spa design.

A strong focus on design and innovation

ISH 2109 is the place to be right now, at least if you’re in the business of bathroom design, interior trends and intelligent home technology. No other show is as sharply focused on sustainability, putting subjects like the conservation of resources and the use of renewable energies in the spotlight. ISH is also the best fair for studying cutting-edge sanitary installations, intelligent living and innovative building solutions in general.

The global community of sauna lovers

At TylöHelo, we love meeting our resellers and our customers, and the ISH fair is one of the highlights of our year.

“Nothing beats meeting the global community of sauna lovers! Whether it’s professionals or hobby enthusiasts, getting to know our audience and show them our products first hand is amazing”, says Hanna-Louise, Brand Marketing Manager at TylöHelo.

Open to the public on Friday

From Monday to Thursday the fair is only open to trade visitors, and the focus is on business relation, networking and product launches. But on Friday the 15th, the doors swing wide open. That’s when the fair is open to the public, and everyone interested in interior design, bathrooms and trends are invited to join the fun and be inspired by the cutting-edge technology and the beautiful products on display.