Wintery sauna weekend in Finnish Snow Village


2 minutes


Winter is around the corner and if you like skiing, you might be shopping around for cool places to go for the holidays. Why not a book a weekend in the Finnish Snow village, for a truly magical winter experience!

SnowVillage in Finland is a magical world of ice and snow. Every year, 20 million kilos of snow and 350 000 kilos of crystal clear natural ice are used to build the spectacular SnowVillage, which changes in shape, size and design and keep amazing visitors year after year.

The SnowVillage covers an area of around 20,000 square meters, and consists of a Snow Hotel, Ice Restaurant, Ice Bar, Ice Chapel, a slide and a vast network of impressive corridors decorated with spectacular snow and ice art.

Although sleeping in rooms made of ice might seem a bit extreme, spending a night in the Finnish snow hotel is not only an exotic arctic experience, but it is also a surprisingly cosy one. Slipping into your warm, comfortable sleeping bag and resting your senses in the tranquil silence of your snow room surrounded by beautifully illuminated ice art, is truly an experience to remember

The Snow hotel offers both double snow rooms and artistically decorated snow suites. A wide range of other accommodation options are offered as well, from rooms and suites to cozy cabins and an impressive three floor log castle. All cabins are well equipped and each has its own sauna, and each cabin also has direct access to the skiing and snowmobile tracks.