Woodfired sauna stoves for a relaxing heat


2 minutes

Salty skin, the scent of freshly cut grass and warm evenings when the sun never sets. We love this time of year and nothing says summer like a fire cracking in the sauna followed by an swim outdoor swim.



Tylo offers a wide range of woodfired sauna stoves. Weather you are looking for a stove for your summerhouse by the sea or just something robust and genuine for your house in the city; few things are as relaxing as the smell of wood and the sound and heat of a real fire. 

Our woodfired stoves are manufactured by the brand Kastor, well known for building stoves of premium quality. With their simple yet functional design the stoves are perfect for the countryside as well as for city life. If there is no chimney in the house the stoves can conveniently be combined with Tylös chimney systems that come in modules that are quick and easy to install. 

The Kastor stoves come with big and deep stone compartments and they all share the same high quality and unique heat-retaining construction that makes you want to linger a little longer in the sauna. Together with the simple, nordic design, the high level of security and the innovative systems for air circulation, these are stoves that you will enjoy for years and years to come.