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Control panels

Pure control panel

Set and monitor your sauna or steam room with the Pure thermostat control panel. The thin black control lights up and lets you set the lighting, temperature and sauna time easily with only a few touches. May be placed inside or outside the space.

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Pure control panel is operated through smooth soft touch controls and is compatible with both sauna rooms and steam rooms.

Specifically designed for seamless operation with Tylö and Helo sauna heaters.

The versatile engineering behind Pure control panel makes it possible to install both inside or outside of the sauna or steam room.

Product specification

Size WxHxD (mm)

85 x 127 x 12

For Sauna Yes
For Steam Yes
Art. 72001420


Suitable sauna heaters

Sauna heater Relaybox required?
Sense Pure No
Sense Combi Pure No
Expression Commercial Lite
Sense commercial 6-10 kW Commercial Lite
Sense commercial 16-20 kW Commercial


Suitable steam generators

Steam generator Relaybox required?
Steam Home No
AW Series No