Steam generators

AW steam generator

The AW Series steam generator is simply the best home steam generator you can buy. With its phased steam output, just two models will cover most domestic requirements. The Soft Steam function ensures continuous humidity and ‘Warm Start’ keeps the generator primed and ready for use. 

The AW series steam generator is durable and requires a minimum of maintenance. All models are fully tested and approved for safe and reliable home use.

The AW Steam Generator pairs with Smart or Simple control panels

Offers  touch screen technology and smart phone functionality for the ultimate steam experience

Fully tested and approved – safe and reliable

Available with four different power outputs
Product specification
Power (kW) Model Room Size* Size in mm (LxWxH) Suitable control panel Color**
 4,5 AW4 Up to 5m³ 419x159x380 Simple or Smart Black
7,5  AW7 Up to 9 419x159x380 Simple or Smart Black
11  AW11 Up to 14 419x159x380 Simple or Smart Black
 14  AW14  Up to 20 419x159x380   Simple or Smart Black
 18  AW18  Up to 26 838x318x760  Simple or Smart  Black
 22 AW22  Up to 32  838x318x760   Simple or Smart Black
 28  AW28  Up to 38 838x318x760  Simple or Smart  Black
36   AW36  Up to 45 1257x477x1140  Simple or Smart  Black

*The sizes given are for general advice as maximum. The generator power required may vary considerably subject to wall build up/ finish, height of room, glazing etc; for advice on your specific design, please call our sales team
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**Standard finish for outlet and control bezel - Chrome 
Polished Nickel, Polished Brass and Satin Nickel available extra.