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Electric sauna heaters

Piccolo sauna heater

The new Piccolo conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology. It produces rich smooth humidity to the entire sauna. Piccolo comes with the new stylish Pure control panel (included). The heater can be mounted both in a corner or on a straight wall offering different options for sauna layout.

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Trendy and modern design. Installs in corner or on a straight wall.

Large rock compartment for a mini heater

As optional a protective wire mesh grill on the top (standard in USA model).

Product specification
Size Installation Colour Stones
H:850 mm 

Ø 230 mm

wall mounted* Black

20 kg

 * Can also be mounted in a corner by unscrewing and turning the wall brackets.

Technical information  


Product Code

Sauna size (m3) 

Power (kW)

Stones (kg)

Size (mm)

Minimum distances (mm) front/side/back/ceiling/floor

Piccolo 30 Pure BWT  008615 2-4 3 20

H:850, Ø 230

Wire mesh grill SP7607012