The existing Bushey Grove health suite was a stark, clinical looking area with gloomy sauna and steam plus a difficult to maintain whirlpool spa with all the plant two floors below.
Our design concept was to open up the space with glass frontage and dividing walls between thermal rooms and create more comfortable relaxation areas. The design was contemporary with large format tiles in warm, natural colours.
The thermal suite comprised a Finnish Salt sauna, Salt inhalation steam room, Herbal sauna, Bucket shower, Feature shower, Ice feature and three heated benches. 
Finnish Salt sauna
The sauna is hot and dry for the ideal enviroment to enjoy the inhalation benefits of the salt wall. The natural Himalayan salt blocks are above the underbench heater and backlit for effect with colour change option. Glass to the front and sides create a spacious feel. Discrete lighting on the bench fronts and spotlights above.
Salt inhalation steam
Humid steam enviroment at 42-46C. Tylohelo wellness system for billowing steam  throughout the room with additional salt spray for excellent enviroment for gentle stimulation and respiration. Large format tiles throughout with minimal epoxy grout joints for ease of cleaning. Spot lights above, underbench lights at low level with glass frontage and sides.
Bucket shower
Simple wooden bucket and chain for an invigorating splash of cool water post thermal room.
Feature shower
Overhead shower with warm, cool adjustment for pre and after thermal cleansing.
Ice feature
Alcove with decorative ceramic bowl for crushed ice for cooling off after thermal experiences. Water cooled ice machine located in the small plant room behind with interconnecting stainless steel chute.
Heated benches
Three ceramic heated benches for relaxation and socialising between thermals. Sloping backrest for comfort matching the salt inhalation steam.
Herbal sauna
Corner sauna with glass frontage again. Slightly lower temperature with higher humidity to bring herbal aromas into the room. Underbench heater with decorative ceramic behind for aesthetics and to protect the timbers in the hottest area.
Ceiling spot lights with subtle LED underbench lights. A juniper wall completes the design.