Netherwood Hotel

Steam | Sauna | Ice Feature | Commercial

2 minutes

The Netherwood Hotel project for TyloHelo comprised a new health suite and conversion of old tiled pool to three tubs of varying temperatures. The old gym was relocated to create the health suite are and spa treatment rooms were formed in the quiet areas behind.

The space available was quite small with a low ceiling. To create an illusion of space we formed the three thermal rooms with glass frontage and sides. Heated seating, feature shower and ice feature are created within the structural columns and alcoves to further maximise the space.

A: Herbal Sauna: The Herbal Sauna features a freestanding heater with 100 kilos of rock for excellent radiant heat. The sauna is flanked either side by the heated benches. The sauna seating is recessed for privacy to relax or recline.


B: Aroma Steam: Relaxing steam environment created by the Helo Wellness System with variable aromas throughout the seasons. Large format tiling to the reclined benches with decorative mosaic band. 


C: Salt Inhalation: Steam based environment with the added benefit of a fine salt spray at regular intervals. Symmetrical to the aroma steam with glass dividing wall.


D: Feature Shower: Three programs of the feature shower with a warming program, a cool mist program with essence and a mixed effect, all with gentle colour change of lighting. 


E: Ice Feature: Decorative copper bowl and shute with permanent supply of crushed ice during the day for cooling after the thermal rooms.


F: Wellness Tubs: The thirty year old tiled pool was decked over and the three tubs recessed into the void space below to allow easy access for bathers. Tubs run at 37, 35 and 15C approximately. Warm and hot tubs have air massage and back jets. Cold tub is just for a quick bracing in and out!