Rudding Park Hotel

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The development at The Rudding Park Hotel, Harrogate was the biggest spa project in the UK 2016/2017 and the biggest project installed by TyloHelo Ltd. TyloHelo installed thermal rooms, pools and plant over three levels. Lap pool, hydro pool, roof top spa, Rasul, Pool side sauna, Panoramic sauna, Luxury steam room, three feature showers, foot spas and heated benches, ice fountain and herbal bath.

A Lap Pool The 16.8m lap pool is for gentle lane swimming and relaxation with plenty of loungers around the perimeter. Finnish edge detail on three sides with easy access steps either end. The high specification pool filtration system has energy efficient pumps with variable speed drive, two 1400mm sand filters with air scour and automatic dosing with UV disenfection. The pool is filled with spa water from their own on site well.


B Hydro Pool The 10.6m hydro pool is accessed from steps within the health suite and leads to an outdoor pool heated to 35C, with vanishing horizon edge detail to two sides over looking the hotel gardens. The water features include full pool width air lounger, water cannon for neck and shoulder massage, back massage jets, foot massage air jets and a fun “volcano”. An automatic slatted heat retention cover maintains heat at night. Full of spa water and treated with UV to reduce chlorine and chemical levels.


C Roof Top Spa 4m stainless steel spa with air massage and back massage jets is located in the roof top garden. Excellent filtration system located in the basement plant area with energy efficient pumps, deep bed filters, auto dosing and UV providing crystal clear spa water heated to 38C.


D Rasul A four person Rasul with ante room is located on the lower ground floor. Finished in large format tiles with coloured epoxy grout, easily cleaned and suitable for the enviroment. The “mud ritual” is an automated experience to allow the muds to enhance the skin within a pleasant steam enviroment. Gentle colour change lighting enhances the warming, humid, drying and showering phases of the program.. This “pay for play” facility can also be switched to an additional steam room if needed.


E Poolside Sauna This large sauna is near the lap pool for use by regular, non-spa guests. It has a large glass front highlighting the juniper log wall at the back. A side door allow users to step outside immediately after the sauna for a cool bucket shower and walk in the fresh air. Large 24kw, Helo Saga heater with 200 kilo of rock for excellent radiant heat and infusion.


F Panoramic Sauna Beautiful large sauna enjoying views out to the hotel gardens. Two 21kw Helo Saga heaters with 400 kilos of rock. A blend of alder timber panels fitted horizontally to focus on the view and heaters. Wide benches for reclining. Dark ceramic tiles behind the heaters to highlight the heaters and protect immediate finishes. Both saunas protected by a fire suppressant system.

Helo Sauna RP Cedar_SAGA

G Luxury Steam Room Beautiful round steam room with domed ceiling. We have not counted exactly but estimate that there are around 150,000 individual mosaics in the room! Steam, fresh air and aromas fill the room from the central steam column. Fibre optic lighting with crystal ends are fitted in the ceiling and around the steam column. LED strip lights are fitted into the seat riser. Background heating to all seats for added comfort.

Steam Room RT

H Feature Showers Three feature showers are located on the ground floor health suite. Two either side of the herbal bath with sound plus lighting, rain and mist plus fragrance. One by the luxury steam entrance. Each feature shower has three programs providing warm,tropical rain with fragrance, cool mist with Icy Mint and combination cleansing shower for warming, cooling and massage. The programs are between 25-45 seconds for economic use of water but provide a memorable and pleasant experience.


I Ice Feature A decorative copper bowl and chute sits neatly in a mosaic tiled semi-circular recess. The ice in the bowl is lit from above and below. The ice level is automatically controlled by a sensor within the bowl so as to be permanently filled for the bather. The niche design matches the drinking fountain station opposite the luxury steam entrance.


J Foot Spas Four foot spas are provided with matching contoured bench. The ceramics are all Sommerhuber with the excellent radiant heat properties. Fully automated including sanitation and cleaning after each use. Warm and cool effects for the kneipp enthusiasts.


K Herbal Bath A lovely combination of gentle heat and humidity from a Bi-O-Max sauna heater. Theatre is added to the experience through regular sauna infusion of water and essence through a copper tray above the heater. Herbal essences are changing to suit the seasons. Seating is on the “floating bench” with a central “throne” tiled in gold effect mosaic.