The Garage Spa

Steam | Sauna | rasul | Salt Steam | Commercial | Hammam | Plunge Tub

2 minutes

A unique and distinct project delivered by TyloHelo within a tight timescale. The old garage building was completely refurbished to create spa treatment rooms on the first floor and a health suite and ‘Pay-for-Play’ rooms on the ground floor. Outside a ‘secret garden’ was also created. TyloHelo provided an Aroma steam room, Salt inhalation room with Himalayan salt blocks, automated Rasul /mud room with Carrara marble seats, Hammam wet massage room, Dry Float, Log burning outdoor sauna, Outdoor metal tub heated spa, Indoor wooden hot spa tub, warm tub and cool plunge tub.


A: Steam room The Aroma steam room is operated with the ‘TyloHelo Wellness System’, bringing in billowing steam with complementary essences which change with the seasons. The wall finish was in a traditional handmade tile with stone benching down both sides discretely lit from below by Fibreoptic glass spot lights.


B: Salt wall The Salt wall was built with Himalayan salt blocks lit from behind by a loom of side-emitting fibreoptic light strands with colour change options. A fine salt spray on an automated program provides a fresh, stimulating inhalation experience.


C: Hot tubs The wooden hot tubs are all constructed of Siberian Larch. The largest tub at 1950mm diameter has hydro jets and an air channel to provide an invigorating massage for up to six people.


D: Hammam room A Carrara marble slab tops the wet massage table in the Hammam room. Heated from below with a long kneipp hose, wall mounted for gentle cleansing.