Electric sauna heaters

Sense Sport 2/4 sauna heater

This compact electric sauna heater has been designed to suit smaller scale sauna rooms without compromising style, quality and efficiency. Integrated control panel and Thermosafe protective coating allow for easy setting and improved safety.

Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.

Fast heating times.

Built in control panel
Product specification
Colors Control Relay box Installation
Black Built-in Not needed Wall mounted

Technical information


Product code

Power (kW)

Sauna size (m3)

Measurements W x D x H (mm) 

Rocks (kg) 

Weight (kg)

Sense Sport 2/4 62202020 2.2/4.5 2-4 348x214x480 7 8.9

Safety distance

Type Min. distance to side wall (mm) Min. ceiling hight (mm)
Sense Sport 2/4 20 1900