Steam generators

Helo Steam Pro steam generator

The Helo Steam Pro generator automatically prevents overheating and dry running. It saves time on maintenance and down time with automated flush function. There is also the possibility to run several units through serial connection.

Larger steam and drain outlets for added comfort and performance.
Engineered to withstand many years of use without interruption and with a minimum of attention and maintenance.
Prepared for optional features such as auxiliary fans and fragrance.

Use with Elite control panel for convenient remote control via Wifi.

Product specification

Helo Steam PRO

Power (kW) Steam production (kg/h) Size in mm (LxWxH) Suitable control panel Color
9,5 13 636x380x164 Elite/Pure Black
12 16 636x380x164 Elite/Pure Black
14 19 636x380x164 Elite/Pure Black
16 21 636x380x164 Elite/Pure Black


Steam room's min./max. volume (m³)

Power (kW) Light wall made of glass, plastic etc. Heavy wall made of tiles, concrete, stone etc.
With ventilation Without ventilation With ventilation Without ventilation
9,5 9-13 9-17 6-9 5-6
12 11-18 12-24 8-12 9-16
14 14-22 18-30 10-14 11-17
16 17-25 23-35 12-16 12-18