Sense Combi Elite

Electric sauna heaters

Sense Combi Elite sauna heater

The given alternative for the utmost sauna pleasures. Dry sauna, wet sauna, rich and warm steam. You name it, Sense Combi Elite sauna heater delivers, while being efficient, smart and easy to use. With its Wifi control panel, you may even program it or turn it on or off from your couch or from the pool.

Steam possibility included. Aroma and mineral therapies available. 

Split Output functionality. Reduces power output once set temperature is reached.

Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.

Assembled in Sweden from parts made in Sweden.
Product specification
Colors Control Relay Installation
Black Elite (included) Not needed Floor standing or wall hung

Technical information 


Power (kW)

Sauna Size (m^3)

Size (WxHxD)

Stones (kg)

Art. nr

Sense Combi Elite 6 6,6 4-8 431x559x375 20 61001036
Sense Combi Elite 8 8,0 6-12 431x559x375 20 61001038
Sense Combi Elite 10 10,5 10-18 431x559x375 20 61001084

Safety distance

Type Side (mm) Ceiling (mm)
Sense Combi Elite 6 110 1900
Sense Combi Elite 8 110 1900
Sense Combi Elite 10 110 1900