Combi Sauna and Steam

My Combi heater is not producing steam

Answer: The temperature limiter for the steam production function has probably tripped. This sometimes happens when you take a traditional dry sauna because of the radiant heat that is produced. The temperature limiter re-set button is at the bottom of the rear plate on the right-hand side. Press the button until you hear it click. The limiter has now been re-set.

How much water should I have in my Combi heater?

Answer: The tanks of the larger Combi heaters (6 and 8 kW) hold about 7 litres of water. The smaller Combi Compact 4 tank holds about 2.5 litres. The heater emits an audible signal when the tank is full. 

The buzzer on my newly-installed Combi Compact H1 sounds continuously when I turn the heater on

Answer: The very first time you start the heater, you have to select Combi Compact from the menu on the control panel (the options are Combi Compact, Sauna, Steam). If you choose Sauna, the buzzer will sound continuously. You have to re-set the control panel to default settings in order to be able to select Combi Compact from the menu. The buzzer may also sound continuously if the connection between the control panel and heater is wrong.

Only two of the three heating elements come on when my Combi 6RC is in Steam-Sauna mode

Answer: That's exactly what should happen. One of the heating elements is always disconnected when steam is being produced. If all three came on, the total output would be too great.

My heater shuts down after about 15 minutes

Answer: There is probably something wrong with the temperature sensor. If the control panel does not receive the correct values from the temperature sensor, the heater shuts down automatically after 15 minutes.


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