Control panels

Is the connection of an old control centre to a new sauna heater permitted?

Answer: No. The sauna heater and the control centre are always type approved with each other.



Is the connection of a new control centre to an old sauna heater permitted?

If you have a Helo heater: No. The sauna heater and the control centre are always type approved with each other.

If you have a Tylö heater: If your heater is from the 70s or 80s, it's usually possible to connect it to a TS panel. You can also connect it to a more modern CC control panel, but then you'd also need to install an RB30 relay box. Contact your TylöHelo dealer for more information.

Why does the temperature shown in the electronic control centre differ from the sauna's own mechanical thermometer?

Answer: The electronic control centre is more accurate than the mechanical thermometer. The measurement locations are not the same.

Are there sauna-heater models where you do not have to go to a gloomy sauna and crouch down to turn the mechanical controller?

Answer: Yes, there are, most of the Easy centres are inexpensive and they can be connected to most sauna heater models. Helo has invested strongly in this, so you will also find other alternatives in the range.

Is it permitted to install the control panel inside the sauna?

Answer: Familiarise yourself with the User's Manual and the Brochure. There are several models in the selection, which can be installed in the sauna room.

Control panel H1, Pure and Elite can be placed inside the sauna. Follow the instructions given in the manual for each product on installing the control panel inside the sauna room.

Answer: First check to see whether a fuse has blown or the circuit breaker has tripped. If that's not the reason, it is likely that the overheat protection has shut the heater off. Tylö's sauna heaters have a temperature limiter built into the switch box at the bottom of the heater. This is tripped automatically if there is any risk of overheating. Always contact a qualified electrician to re-set the temperature limiter if it is not possible to re-set it on the outside of the heater.

Can the control panel be installed inside the steam room?

Answer: Control panels Pure and Elite are both approved to be placed inside the steam room.

Where should the temperature sensor be placed?

Where the temperature sensor should be placed is depending on what model of control panel you have. The sensor should never be placed directly above the heater nor to far from it. Follow the instructions given in the manual for each product.

In a steam room, the sensor should be about 180 cm from the floor and well away from the steam head.


The sensor cable is too short

Answer: The sensor comes with a two-metre-long cable. If necessary, it can be spliced with a two-wire cable.

I have an ET-20 control panel. Can I replace it with something else?

Answer: The ET panels can often be replaced with a TS panel. It depends on the length of the capillary tube (temperature sensor) in the TS panels. The standard length is 1.8 metres but they are also available in 5-metre lengths. The ET panel had an electronic sensor so, in some cases, it is placed too far from the sauna for it to be replaced with a TS panel. If that is the case, it can be replaced with a relay box and an electronic control panel.


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