Sun S Cottage infrared room

TylöHelo SUN-range of IR rooms provide a very pleasant sensation with their deeply penetrating sensation of sunshine on your skin. Available in compact dimensions and very low energy consumption make Sun IR rooms a versatile solution for a multi-facetted experience regardless of space or budget. The Sun-range is available in 7 different layouts.

Product details

Available in 7 different layouts

Up to 20% less energy consumtion

Most advanced IR panels on the market

Ultra low EMR/EF radiation


Sauna room renovation

Update your existing sauna with a new interior. TylöHelo offers flexible solutions to replace and renew sauna benches, light fixtures, ergonomic backrests and more. It is not necessary to build a completely new sauna room if all you need is a little sprucing up.

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Follow our sauna and steam blog for inside tips and tricks on how to live better, feel better and perform better. Regular sauna and steam baths will work wonders on your general quality of life and sense of wellness.

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