Sauna rooms

Bespoke Sauna Interior Options

From choice of interior wood panels (Aspen or Western Red Cedar) to your choice of benches, backrests, doors, and other features, your Bespoke Sauna has many options to make the sauna uniquely yours.

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Product specification

Bespoke Sauna Specifications:

  • Contractor to provide:
    • Framed, insulated walls & ceilings
    • Waterproof flooring (sealed concrete or tile)
    • Electrical supply and connections
    • All exterior finishes, unless otherwise specified. Typical exterior finishes are drywall, tile, etc.
  • Wood options:
    • Aspen - clean, consistent light-colored wood
    • Western Red Cedar - beautiful color variations from light blonde to red to chocolate-colored wood. Pleasant aroma and ease of maintenance make this popular for commercial installations
  • Benches & Backrests:
    • Wide or narrow boards depending on your preference
    • Available with or without LED light strips added for beautiful illumination
  • Door options:
    • All-glass options varying in size, finish, and color
    • Wood-doors available in Hemlock to match either the Aspen or Western Red Cedar interiors