5 floating saunas to be inspired by


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Posted on 2019-09-27

It’s hard to imagine a better location for a sauna, than on the actual water. Check out these 5 beautiful floating saunas, from all around the world.

A floating sauna in Norway 

In 2002, a workshop lead by Finnish teachers and architects Sami Rintala, Christel Sverre and Marco Casagrande, resulted in the conceptualisation and construction of this unique floating sauna.  

The sauna is anchored right in the middle of the Hardangerfjord and can be accessed either by swimming or by rowing boats. With a basic structure made from pine wood and walls made from transparent plastic, it turns into a floating jewel of light in the nighttime.


Unique sauna in the lakes of Seattle

The idea for this beautiful floating sauna was born on a chilly winter’s day in Seattle. The architects of GoC Studio were looking for a way to make the lakes surrounding the city come alive, and they wanted to combine the primal concepts of fire, water, and community. 

The project was named the ‘wa_sauna’ and has been a welcome addition to the Pacific Northwest landscape. Kayakers can paddle out and park their boats by the surrounding deck, and enjoy the lake from a new angle.

Funded by the local community and a crowdfunding campaign, the sauna was built by the design studio and a team of enthusiastic volunteers. The sauna is powered by an electric trolling motor and heated by a wood-burning stove. The wa_sauna allow for visitors to enjoy stunning views of Seattle, in the peace and warmth of the sauna.



A floating forest sauna in Estonia

In this unique floating sauna named VALA, you can explore the Estonian wilderness without having to leave the sauna i. Located in the Soomaa national park in southern Estonia, it is entirely free of charge and can be used by anyone – you just have to find it. 

The sauna was built during a 10-day summer school for the Estonian Academy of Arts by B210's architects – as well as architects Sami Rintala, Hannes Praks and Justin Tucker – and it is looked after by the Estonian Forest Management Centre.  VALA means to pour in Estonian, and the structure has been inspired by the waters in the area, that flood the lands at least once a year. 

If you’ve got enough paddles and strength, you can row the sauna to explore the river and the area.

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Kaluga – a floating sauna in Finland

The ‘Kaluga floating sauna’ was designed by the Finnish architectural firm Rintala Eggertsson Architects, and was part of the Russian  ‘festival of landscape objects’ in July 2008. 

Rintala Eggertsson, along with several international architects, were all invited to create designs based on the theme of a house built on water.

The ‘Kaluga floating sauna’ was designed as a short term floating house which can be used as a shelter for 3 – 6 persons during several days. The Kaluga sauna floated down the Ugra river and was later transported to the Zvizhi village in Russia, where it has become part of a permanent exhibition. 



Unique oval sauna on water - Estonia 

In the forests of Estonia, you’ll find this unique, oval-shaped sauna. It’s made from Siberian wood, and has been designed by the Hayashi – Grossschmidt Arhitektuur Agency.  

The assignment was to use leftover pontoons that the client had in their yard, and build a beautiful floating sauna on top of them. Mission accomplished, to say the least! 

The roomy sauna features open spaces for relaxation, and can be used by 8 to 10 people at a time. This beautiful sauna was built in 2013, and has received numerous design awards.

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