Control panels

Elite control panel

The multi-disciplinary control panel from Tylö for saunas or steam rooms is packed with advanced features, thanks to its internal processor and operating system. In addition to highly personalized settings, the Elite can be individually programmed according to your own schedule.

Add features such as auxiliary fans, fragrance pumps or lights – the Elite control panel handles it all with clear and concise precision. The 4.5-inch touch screen delivers real-time status on every aspect of your sauna and steam bath. It includes energy saving functions and local WiFi app-connectivity. 

Download WellAccess™ app in App-store and Google-Play or use Program for PC.

Elite’s WiFi connectivity is compatible with both steam and sauna . The WellAccess smart phone app provides full mobility.

With the TylöHelo WellAccess app, you are always in control. Whether you’re reading in your favorite chair or in the backyard mowing the lawn.

Control your sauna and steam functions via your local WiFi-network. Use your PC or mobile device for full flexibility.

Product specification
Size WxHxD (inches) 3 3/8” W x 5” H x 1/2” D
For Sauna Yes
For Steam Yes


Suitable sauna heaters

Sauna heater Relaybox required?
Sense Elite No
Sense Combi Elite No


Suitable Steam Generators

Steam Generator Relaybox required?
All AX models No