Sauna rooms

Patio outdoor sauna

Stepping out of the sauna heat into the contrast of cool, fresh air is a special feeling. Tylo Patio is a compact, free standing sauna that makes it easy to enjoy within minutes of delivery. Thanks to its size, portability and ease of installation, you can always find room for a Patio sauna — and what a perfect add-on for a pool or hot tub.

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Sizes 4' x 5', 4' x 6', 5'x6' and 5' x 7' 

Clear Western Red Cedar backrests, headrests, heater guard and cedar duckboard

Pre-built, prefitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed and built-in floor with attractive waterproof vinyl flooring

Delivered complete with heater, rocks included and accessories such as bucket, ladle, light, and thermometer

Product specification

Patio Saunas Include the Following Standard Features:

  • Aspen walls and ceiling interior, backrests, headrests, heater guard and duckboard
  • Clear Western Red Cedar exterior
  • Prebuilt, prefitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed
  • Built-in floor with attractive water-resistant vinyl flooring
  • Constructed on cedar runners
  • Cathedral ceiling with exposed wood beam
  • Tylo Heater with digital control
  • Bucket, ladle, and thermometer
  • Low voltage backrest lighting
  • Roof kit in easy-to-install panels
  • Metal roof