From a simple idea to world leader

Tylö is the small company that went from a simple idea to becoming one of the world's leading sauna companies. The company was started for over 70 years ago in a small town called Halmstad. Halmstad is located in Sweden and the head office is still located where today.

The brilliant idea

For 70 years, Tylö has contributed to improving human public health by manufacturing tarditional saunas, IRs and steam baths. The company's founder Sven-Olof Janson has played a significant role in the brand's success over the years. It all started when Sven-Olof in the late forties got the idea to start making spirals of resistance wire for the heating element. The idea became a practice and a woodshed was built in Halmstad. 70 years later, Tylö is still a leading brand in the sauna industry on the world market.


The popular Combi- heater

In order to be able to provide all the goodness of a sauna to a broader audience, Tylö developed their heater line-up in the 1990’s to include the Combi heater. The magic of the heater was (and still is) its ability to put the user in control of the rates of heat and humidity. Tylö even gave this type of sauna therapy the name Tylarium. Lower temperatures and higher humidity meant that the whole family could enjoy the pleasures of a relaxing sauna. The Combi heater also brought Tylö a step closer to market a full spa experience with its built in ability for aromatherapy. The Combi quickly became a big seller and paved the way to the Tylette Centre, a steam room, rainshower and aqua-massage in ome. Tylette’s rapidly growing popularity meant export sales skyrocketed.

The new generation electric sauna heater technology, with its super insulated stone compartment core, was also a Helo patent and meant that the the heater would stay heated continuously, ready to go at any time, through maintaining heat at a very low level of energy consumption. The new heater was built on simplistic technology; lift the lid of the heated stone compartment and you get instant radiating heat and a sauna room that is ready to use in no time. The Saunatonttu, which was and is the name of the revolutionary heater, still remains a popular choice, and its iconic rounded shape feels as modern today as when it was first introduced almost 40 years ago.Helo is a brand that still after 100 years in the sauna industry continues to deliver its fantastic sauna products worldwide. The best has to come!

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